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Skuff Presents Punk night ft.Steele Justice,Batenburg Hellbillie | Landbouwbelang

Skuff Presents Punk night ft.Steele Justice,Batenburg Hellbillie | Landbouwbelang

Skuff is a fast energetic ska-punk band with influences from NOFX and Choking Victim. These punks have been busy for a while to create new songs, and they did.
There were some changes in the band with guitarists and now they are back and looking forward to the next shows in 2018

Steele Justice (BE)
Formed in 2015 out of members of Rabid wolves, violent city, get out and not allowed. We bring you a combination of 90's punk and hardcore that your older brother probably listened to.

Batenburg Hellbillie
Forget about the horrors of pop country and line Dance, because "Batenburg Hellbillie" plays its own unique style of traditional country, bluegrass and outlaw country. They call it
"Kempenkuntrie & cowpunk".


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